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Mystic Rose Magick only allows the most ethical, gifted and compassionate psychics, intuitives, channelers & mediums to offer readings and spiritual teachings for our clients and customers.


Below you'll find a little more information about the folks you may find joining us for Psychic Saturdays and various events and classes.

Our readers

This image is of Kristina Hallett, owner of Mystic Rose Magick. An attractive 50 something year old white woman with blue eyes and raven black hair.

Kristina Hallett

Owner Mystic Rose Magick
Psychic Channeler,

Reiki Master Teacher

Melchizedek Priestess and

Ordained Minister

Certified Hypnotist

Kristina is the owner of Mystic Rose Magick. You can find her most days in the shop helping people find what they need or busy in the back room creating custom oil, incense blends or other wonderful things! Kristina is also a psychic channeler, an Ama Deus Shamanic Energy Master practitioner and has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1999. She is an ordained minister and priestess in the Order of Melchizedek, ordained through the Sanctuary of the Beloved in Conesius, New York and is available for house clearings and blessings, weddings, handfastings and other ministerial purposes.


Shannah Warwick



Chakra Energy Reader

Clairvoyant Channel

Astral Body Reader

Tarot Reader

Welcome Shannah to Mystic Rose Magick! Shannah is new to the shoppe and we think you'll love her! She is a very gifted artist and intuitive chakra energy reader who will guide you into releasing and clearing stuck or stagnant energies to allow for space and energetic freedom to create new aspects of life.


She is also a talented tarot reader. During a tarot reading, Shannah will tap into her clairvoyant channel through the use of her Ethereal Visions deck. She reads by the visual images and energy of the person being read. Messages from guides, past loved ones, future timelines, and inner child work are examples of what may come through in these readings. 

phoenix Belle01_edited.jpg

Phoenix Belle

Psychic Medium


Tarot, Oracle and

Pendulum Reader

Intuitive Energy Healer

Reiki Practitioner

We are excited and happy to have Phoenix as a trusted reader and friend here at Mystic Rose Magick! Phoenix is an intuitive psychic and medium whose readings bring spiritual guidance and clarity. Phoenix has been connecting with Spirit since a young age and has been reading for others for the past 10 years. She enjoys using a variety of tarot and oracle decks as well as pendulums as part of her reading for you. Your reading from Phoenix will be an uplifting experience that will help you find clarity and deeper understanding about life's challenges. Phoenix's magical practice is very light-filled and incorporates her love of working with the herbal kingdom. Treat yourself to a reading from Phoenix and keep your eyes open for her upcoming classes and workshops!

Mae Elliott

Mae Elliott

Intuitive Medium

Tarot Reader

Tea leaf reader (Tasseomancy)


Mae Elliott is well known and loved in the local community, not only for her infectious smile, but also for her beautiful connection with spirit. Mae has naturally been tuning into the Spirit realm since she was a child and will use these mediumship abilities while doing your reading. During a tarot or tea leaf reading with Mae, you’ll also receive the benefit of her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities, mixed with a good dose of straight-talking kitchen table wisdom.  Mae is a kind soul and a pillar of her family, she is a trusted source of knowledge and positivity. Schedule an appointment with Mae and find out what messages come through for you!


Jennifer Smith*

Angelic Light medium,

Transmedium Channel

Intuitive Wayshower

Reiki Master

*NOTE: Jennifer is currently spending time living on the west coast, so is unavailable. When she returns, I will do my best to make appointments for her many followers.


During an Angelic Light reading, Jennifer Smith uses her abilities to help lightworkers, wayshowers and other spiritual seekers to understand and find their way along their soul’s intended journey. Jen will share information divine information with you which will help bring forth understanding of your potential gifts, abilities and purpose, and to stimulate growth along your intended path. A reading by Jennifer will also include energetic work to help you more easily move forward on your path.


NOTE: Jennifer is taking a sabbatical until July of 2023 as she travels to the west coast of the US. We will let you all know when she returns!

More about Jennifer: 

Jennifer Smith is a first began to travel interdimensionally over thirty years ago.  As a medium trans dimensional channel she can access the akasha and awakened masters to deliver any messages that is felt by the oversoul to best help you at the time. She works with a group of Ascended masters and star Beings from the Galactic Council of Light. She is also a certified Reiki master with over twenty-five years’ experience as a Healer. As a medicine woman and wayshower she leads classes on how to awaken to your own true divine self Her classes also include channeled meditations and movement that teach you how to use elemental and source energy to heal and clear and connect to your own awakened avatar.  She uses sound healing and elemental energy in her shamanic healing work, and she can see and read the body to help repair any trauma in the energy field. She also channels crystal white light into the body helping with the ascension process.

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